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There is a sweet bold kind of beauty in imperfection...

How I dropped 142lbs in a year

& lost 220lbs in a Day

With obesity rates still climbing not only in Adults but in children as young as the age of 5. Alicia knows first hand what health problems obesity can cause because she has overcome a mild stroke, boarder line diabetes, migraine headaches, and depression.  She was just plain ol' tired of being tired.

Alicia Ash Hamilton
Alicia Ash Hamilton
Alicia's Book
Alicia before & after

After suffering her first stroke at the young age of 21 she knew she had to do something, in addition to a burning desire to teach her kids a healthier lifestyle. She was determined to not have surgery or take any diet pills.  Tipping the scales at her heaviest weight of 267 lbs (standing 4'11"tall), her Doctor told her the next stroke might not be light ,she knew this was serious.

She talks about the benefits of shedding the excess pounds mentally and physically.  As an Enthusiast for Healthy Living and its possibilities, Alicia loves to share information to help others reach within and take control of their lives the good old fashion way.

After going on to really amaze herself, she lost 142 lbs but never imagined her husband of 15 years would NOT like the weight loss, because his attraction to a full figured woman.  Alicia was devastated and now carrying more mental weight than she lost.


Her book is definitely a must read!  Not only does it provides you with how she dropped 142 lbs in a year, but also how to love yourself from the inside and allow it to truly flow outward. If you are ready to succeed in taking your life back in a healthy way AND shed some unwanted weight both mentally or physically then this is the book for you.  Let's take this victory walk together. I am a living witness it can be done.

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