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An advocate for so many...  I am Alicia Hamilton...

I was diagnosed with lymphedema in 2013 little did I know that was not the worse. I had no idea years later I also had lipedema. I am so very thankful I have such a wonderful supportive husband, Milton Hamilton, who has helped me through this journey. 


Since my diagnosis I have spent countless hours, days, months, and years trying to figure out my new normal and how to transform my health and my life for the better of this now new me which is definitely someone I did not know and it has not been easy. You have to learn how to dress for this condition and learn how to plan your days differently because there is no more spontaneous Rendezvous. You have to learn how to eat for this condition and learn to love yourself despite of it. 


This is an honest reflection on what has worked for me and what continues to be a challenge. In the beginning I was so very depressed and even questioned God why me like why??? Then he said why not you? When I put you here to help others your work here is different and I knew I had to get busy . 


Women with lipedema and lymphedema embody so many other aspects because Our diagnosis requires physical and emotional strength to maintain strict, time consuming self-care routines day in and day out. I strive to be a source of encouragement to love your body and yourself so you can ultimately live your best life while managing this disease. I want to not only help other woman that do not know how to manage day to day but how to cope and understand there is work to be done but there is also life to be enjoyed . Although there is no cure, and everyone's situation is different I always say try modifying somethings to see what will work for you . 


I have become a Google Queen on this condition and I try to lend my research knowledge and what has worked for me to manage my new normal to other ladies. 

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